Independent Waiver Service is the first European organization creating worldwide Waiver documents from any port of loading to all Waiver required countries. But IWS offers much more than just a Waiver certificate. We aim to be the extension of your African export department.Our procedure is simple: you can create your own company account through the client portal on our website. This allows you to: 1. Submit Waiver requests anytime and from any deviceIndependent Waiver Service BV is the first European independent organization and specialist in creating Waiver documents. We are able to create Waiver documents world-wide from any loading port to any waiver required country. As an independent intermediate we are proud to offer an excellent service! Our procedure is quite simple: You send us the necessary documents and we take care of a validated Waiver document! Easy, Efficient and Cost Saving!

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It's easy, efficient and cost saving!

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